Very easy to use and find all the informations you are looking for. Focus on where you go is our priority.
Travel Fast & Cheap
Appaja will provide you the fastest and cheapest way to travel in Jakarta. The time to enjoy public transportation is coming.
Show the cost that will take, from your position to your destination.
The Most Updated Information
Connected to Open Data and the interactions from the users, we provide you the most updated informations about Public Transportation.
Let you know your position when you near bus line.
Get notified when you shall stop or change to another bus
Appaja will tell you when you have to stop by voice and vibrations. Then will provide you the informations for the next step. No need to keep your phone in your hand and avoid thieves.
Become #1 in Appaja
With reward system, you can earn some points by using Appaja and compete with your friends, but other users too. Now it's time to rule!
Share with other users
Crowded bus station? The bus take an other road? The bus stop in a place for ages? Report the informations top Appaja to alert other users, and improve Appaja.
Basic vocabulary & Tips
Need to learn some vocabulary in Indonesian to use public transportation? Didn't bring your Berlitz or your Lonely Planet? Never mind : Appaja is here for you. Find all the most helpful sentences in Appaja and let's go for the Adventure!

Nb: Don’t worry, we provide tips for you too.